Foxley Farm


Julian and Vicki GodwinOn the family farm at Foxley, 2015 was a good year for grass and forage production, with our store cattle coming off grass and selling well in the autumn.  Whilst grass growth was good, catching the weather for later cuts of hay and haylage was not so easy, with some crops getting rained on. We continue our re-seeding programme, with the field put down to our Number 4 Long Term Ley Mixture thriving.  Alongside our beef suckler herd we have started rearing dairy bred beef calves to see how the costs compare, the suckler cow being a particularly difficult farm animal to make money from..

…& seed specialists

We think we are a bit different to other seed suppliers, as our livestock farm is profiting from using the seeds that we sell.  We therefore know how difficult it is to “make it happen in the field” as opposed to the multi-national plant breeder or ag-chem supplier pushing us to buy the “new and improved” variety or chemical, but has nothing to lose if it doesn’t work.

We continue to be one of the few seed merchants that mix our grass seed here on site at Foxley. This allows us to design a mixture from the myriad of different grasses, legumes and herbs available.  It means orders can be collected same day if required.  We deliver next day on a nationwide basis when needed.  It also means we are truly independent of the multi-national plant breeders, and transport costs are kept to a minimum.