Foxley Farm


Julian and Vicki Godwin

The weather in 2020 was challenging, making every farm business more difficult to run. An exceptionally wet winter and late spring was followed by a very quick drying April where mud seemed to turn to dust in days. Then a heatwave in May and a dry June had most cattle and sheep farmers worrying about winter fodder. The awful growing conditions resulted in the worst cereal harvest in living memory, resulting in shortages of both grain and, more acutely, straw. Luckily, better growing conditions in August and September meant winter fodder could be gathered, and high yielding maize crops have helped. We all look forward to some better growing weather for 2021.

…& seed specialists

Increased consumption of grass seed across Europe, both for livestock and arable rotations, and an average harvest due to the hot dry spring, means stocks are lower than normal. Prices therefore remain firm but still represent fantastic value, particularly on the longer term ley mixtures.

We continue to expand our range of grasses, clovers and herbs. Enclosed are details of our new herbal leys, designed to drastically reduce bought in feed and fertiliser costs, and our high clover mixtures to add protein to your forage and cut your fertiliser bill.

We continue to be one of the few sellers of grass seed that actually mix the seed ourselves. This gives us three key benefits over our competitors:

• Ability to design a mix specifically for your field – at no extra cost

• Ability to mix and supply same day if required

• Ability to source the best grasses available, independent of any one plant breeder