Foxley Farm


Julian and Vicki Godwin

2019 was remarkable for its early dry spring, being able to turn cattle out on to lush pasture on the 28th of March without making a mark. The continued good weather resulted in a very early (for us) 1st cut silage on the 12th of May giving us some rocket fuel for our beef rearing enterprise. A wet June was needed and came just in time for many arable crops, as well as keeping grass growing apace. A spell of hot weather at the end of June and early July was the haymaking window, during which we cut 3 tonnes of hay to the acre off one our medium term leys. Harvest was then soon upon us, with showers and rain through late July and August making harvest a stop-go affair in the West Midlands. Yields were, though, fantastic, of both grain and straw, meaning 2019 was generally a very good “growing” year. The rain, of course, then started in late September and has made things difficult ever since. We all look forward to another good “growing” year for 2020.

…& seed specialists

Grass seed stocks across Europe are still quite limited, meaning prices remain relatively firm and variety choice can be quite limited. We have worked with our suppliers to secure seed of the best technical merit at competitive prices. The wet weather last autumn brought sales to a sudden stop, meaning there are quite good stocks of the shorter term grasses here in the UK. Continuing our theme of more sustainable farming we have added two high clover mixtures to our range, FS1 Red Clover as short term and FS10 as medium term, to offer the opportunity for high clover ley farming. We have also designed a white clover blend – FS11 – for over seeding in to medium and longer term ley.

We continue to be one of the few sellers of grass seed that actually mix the seed ourselves. This gives us three key benefits over our competitors:

• Ability to design a mix specifically for your field – at no extra cost

• Ability to mix and supply same day if required

• Ability to source the best grasses available, independent of any one plant breeder